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Buying your Dream Home

The 9 Steps to Buying a Home: 
  1. Select a professional Realtor that is right for you

  2. Acquire pre-approval to understand budget

  3.  Set up your search to include desired criteria and neighbourhood

  4. Schedule home tours

5. Make an offer

6. Fulfill conditions (home inspection, financing, sale of property)

7. Closing day

8. Potential renovations

9. Welcome home!

Why We Should Work Together!

When purchasing a home, it is so important to fully understand the process and set up a buying plan. We witness many buyers not prepared and do not completely understand that leads to many hurdles along the way. Michael provides every buyer with a "Home Buying Guide" to allow them to read through contracts, and organization and do the due diligence so that when you are ready, the process can go smoothly.

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